Jt Leroy


1970-01-01: Acquired
2009-02-24: Finished reading
2016-07-12: Removed (not in my library)

Book cover

A reissue of the national bestselling novel by JT LeRoy/Laura Albert - published to coincide with the Jeff Feuerzeig documentary: Author: The JT LeRoy Story. 'A deft and imaginative...novel' New York Times Book Review Sarah never admits that she's his mother, but the beautiful boy has watched her survive as a lot lizard : a prostitute working the West Virginia truck stops. Desperate to win her love, he decides to surpass her as the best and most famous lot lizard ever. With his own leather mini-skirt and a makeup bag that closes with Velcro, the young Cherry Vanilla embarks on a journey through the Appalachian wilds, dining on transcendental cuisine, supplicating to the mystical Jackalope, encountering the most terrifying of pimps, walking on water, being venerated as an innocent girl saint - and then being denounced as the devil. By turns exhilarating and shocking, magical and realistic, Sarah brings urgency, wit, and imagination to an unknown and unforgettable world.